Investment in Private Equity in der Schweiz - Everest Capital

Growth Financing for Startups and SMEs

There are different ways to finance a company, be it by raising proprietary capital, through venture capital, or similar types of financing such as silent participation or mezzanine financing. With our years of experience in this area, we will help you to make the right decision and best implementation.

Advisory Services for Institutional Investors & Qualified Private Investors

Not every investor is the same because each investor has different requirements that need to be fulfilled. We have made it our task to select only investments with the best potential for our clients. Before we enter a partnership with any company, they go through a structured analysis process and we ensure that the requirements of our clients are met. We gladly consult you and help you make a decision to find the perfect-fitting investment.

Succession Solutions for Swiss SMEs

Succession solutions are usually not an easy decision. To give a company, that you spent years building up, in the hands of someone else, is always a big step. This decision comes easier, knowing that the right partner is by your side. With our wide-spread network, we are capable to help you make this decision and to find the right successor with the same future goals and visions to keep your company values intact.